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The Q-Men: Anole

Hey you. Yes, you. Were you an awkward teenager around the time that Grant Morrison took the X-Men back to school? ME TOO! Do YOU have one arm that’s disproportionately jacked thanks to too much jacking off? ME TOO! Do you have a crush on the fictional mutant/elf/man/Canadian Northstar? Well, he sort of looks like Jonsí—so. probably. With all that, it ends up we have a lot in common with the Young X-Man, Anole.

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5 Things News

5 Things: Tomi Lahren Is Still a Bitch, Tunisia Is Still Terrible, Methodist Church Is Still Banning Gays, Sir Ian McKellen Is Still Spilling Tea, and HBO Is Still on Track for New Gay Drama

The world is burning (quite literally in many places) but people still find the time to attack the gays. But, the last two items are at least a little uplifting.

5 Things News

5 Things: Casey Wilson’s Zillow Account, Glenn Close’s Missing Oscar, Homophobia’s Kenyan Cost, Rami’s Bi Erasure, and a UK TV Star’s Coming Out

OK, today was a bit rough. But, Casey Wilson was on WWHL, so I’m there. Recapping the news of the day. 1. Casey Wilson really wants Tom from Vanderpump Rules to know that she DID NOT post his address online. Listen, Bitch Sesh is the best show about Bravo reality out there. Hands down. But… […]

5 Things News

5 Things: Shangela Walks, The Oscars Crawl, Taylor Swift Surprises, Drag Race Host Posts a Thirst Trap, and Iceman Comes to Comixology Unlimited

The Oscars happened. That was a thing. The gay Superbowl was gayer than ever—just without many queer people on stage. But, Shangela did work it on the red carpet. And, speaking of Drag Race, a host of the Thai version got naked on Twitter.

5 Things News

5 Things: Antoni’s Steamy Pics, Silverman’s Gay Reform, UK’s ID Problem, Catholics’ Gay Contract, and Santa’s Sexy Package Wrapping

Today we’ve got packages galore! Antoni’s rejected Instagram pics, a sexy daddy Santa, “gay” problems, and more.

5 Things News

5 Things: Mika’s Butt Boy, Cariad’s Backlash, Gay’s Wage Warfare, Britney’s White X-Mas, and a #TBT to Some Nude Hollyoaks Lads

Today we’ve got a throwback to some lads behaving badly, another Morning Joe blunder, Britney Spears singing-ish and more.