Impact Wrestling Review for 8 March 2018

I used to love watching Impact Wrestling. The very attractive wrestlers in the X Division didn’t hurt, either. I’m gonna start reviewing their weekly shows here but in the more casual style of someone trying to get back into something they used to love. No star ratings from me.

Feast or Fired is announced as the main event because it’s a Thanksgiving tradition?

They start the “action” with OVE/Sami Callihan and make a big deal out of the Baseball Bat to the face incident from two weeks ago. Then they announce a live Twitch stream from WrestleCon? I don’t get it. But, whatever.

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Too Gay

It isn’t a contradiction to enjoy Top Gear, Real Housewives, and Football. It’s OK to listen to Britney Spears, old Clint Black, Dig Dipper, and Rilo Kiley. Following the latest Drag Race rumors doesn’t mean you aren’t tracking the mid-term election. You can’t be too masc or too femme. You can like on top and bottom.

We’re all a collection of our experiences and our preferences. It makes us all infinitely unique. You can’t be too you--no matter what that means.

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