Oops… Life Happens

I have some explaining to do. I meant to kick this blog back into gear when I announced that new series of posts a while back. 

Then, life started happening. My mother, who I help care for due to ongoing health issues, receivedl string of diagnosis which lead to even more tests and what has become an ongoing loop. 

Because of this, I have had to step back from all side projects not related to my primary employment. That includes this site. This is a decision I know I will not regret when I look back. But, given that I announced a new series of posts, I owed some explanation. 

I still plan on writing those along with a few others as time permits, but I’m not promising anything. 



New Series: Retro Wrestling Reviews

This is a new series of articles detailing and reviewing iconic moments in the history of professional wrestling. We will start by looking back in a trilogy of articles focusing on authority figures in the industry.

The first article will hit later this week and focus on the 2002 General Manager era on WWE wrestling. Then, we will take a tangential detour into TNA Impact Wrestling and WCW and look at the Eric Bischoff character from both promotions with a bit of contrast to his role in our first article. The third article in this initial run will dive into the heel owner characters in general and how they have been utilized to varying levels of success in WCW,  TNA,  and WWE over the years.

Along the way, we will also take some time to define some industry terms you may not be familiar with. For instance, in this post, we’ve already used the term “heel“. Simply put, in pro wrestling,  a heel is a villainous character that uses underhanded tactics to secure their goals/victories.

So, join me as I take you on a journey through the sports entertainment pocket of popular culture. A place most people may not have visited since the heyday of NWO and DX back in the late 1990s.

Viceland: Not Ancient Aliens Reruns! But, also, why does this thing exist as a cable channel?

vice_logoWhen it was announced that A+E Networks was to convert H2 into a 24-hour Vice network, I was pretty excited. The HBO show is great. Their digital video content is grand. As long as they don’t let most of their writers near this thing it should be a no-lose. At best they have great programs, gain popularity, clear more households, obtain an HD signal in most of those*, and so forth. At worst, A+E Networks and replace it with repeats from History Channel or try something completely different.

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A Christmas List

Little gifts I’m grateful for receiving.

  1. Watching my niece watch Star Wars
  2. Getting Chinese food on Christmas Day and binging on bad and good TV with my parents.
  3. Teaching my niece about responsibility by getting her a laptop and setting up time limits and parental controls with only a little bit of a freak out on her part.
  4. Doing absolutely nothing today.
  5. Getting a very childish gift (Disney Infinity) and playing it with my niece and my sister.
  6. Knowing that I got everyone gifts they love but never would have bought themselves. (The wireless chargers for my stepdad were a big hit).
  7. My cat not getting put down for failing kidneys even though it was a close one. That’s him in 2013 in the pic at the top.
  8. Learning that Chinese spareribs are way better than I expected.
  9. Finally getting through Daredevil and Making a Murderer.
  10. Getting to see my little cousin we helped raise for the first few years of her life 8 years later.

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