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Hipster BINGO

I’m not sure how many of us at WUOG aim to be hipsters, but as a hole, we seem to be pretty good at it. Hipster bingo is ideal for passing the time before shows; I’m thinking all you’d have to do to get the bottom row is step outside the 40 Watt (inside would obviously work too, but then there’s so much less smoking of the Parliaments). In fact, going to most any indie show would probably result in an immediate pwnage of the entire board, but I might just make it my goal to see how many bingos I can get on a daily basis. If you spend any time hanging around the station, this should be even easier than Sarah Palin bingo with all her “mavericks” and “Joe Six Packs.”

But don’t be offended, hipsters- how else are we going to get an American Apparel and for good bands to keep coming to Athens?


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