Who is on Twitter?

Sure, not everyone ‘gets’ Twitter. Lets face it; some people were born cool and into awesome, cutting-edge, social new media sites and some were just born to be on MySpace. But, who are these merchants of cool that crowd the Twitter-space with glorious witticisms and links to things you think are cool and witty and beautiful?

Luckily for those of you who like these kinds of answers answered in easily indexable and reference-able lists, SF/J has a completely compiled list of people on Twitter. Need an exemplary excerpt? Fine, have one:

people who are just back from a really awesome run

people who are involved with “computers”


DJs at the airport

DJs who are drunk

people who don’t have anyone’s email address

people who are mad at television

The full list is rather entertaining as well. Which Twitter user are you? Me? I’m split between ‘people who like Battlestar Galactica’ and ‘Rachel Maddow‘.


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