Pop Lock and Talk It

PLT 006: We Are All 12 Year Old Girls Sometimes

In which our heroes talk about blogging and how it’s turning everyone into wannabe celebs.


5 thoughts on “PLT 006: We Are All 12 Year Old Girls Sometimes

  1. It only represents a new medium, not a new idea. Certainly people are more truthful in face-to-face social environments, but still not wholly truthful.

  2. after downloading your podcast, i would just like to ask that you girls do not run all over schwegler’s well placed and extremely nice to listen to …voice. My ears do not ring at the octave he uses, compared to yours, girls when you get carried away it is like listening to a 12 yr old’s “spend the night party” dialogue. Grow up and use a big girl voice. Nothing makes me, as a 22 yr old female want to turn off the podcast when you two start your back and forth sentence robbing, and cutting off Schwegler. Stand your ground, Mr. Schwegler. Good God!

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