The Meanest Heckle In The World or Why I Want To Burn Down Oklahoma

The impecable Walker Smith has began his recounting of his Spring Break Oh-13 tour. Definitely worth a read.

Weird Kids Comedy

I have had mean things said about me on stage. I’ve written down some of those things here, so you may have read them. If you haven’t, welcome to my blog. But the meanest thing I’ve ever had said to me on stage was said to me on Friday night and I want to share this fresh social pain with the loving and sensitive people of the Internet.

The place I was performing in was mostly empty except for bar staff. A sullen couple wearing Oklahoma sweatshirts is sitting at the bar. They have the kind of faces that suggest that they really deep in their souls believe that they are very much better than the place they are in. I don’t understand that face. People shouldn’t really get to feel like they are better than anything. Sure they may write poetry in their spare time or raised beautiful children…

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