Free Show: Tecropolis w/ Hyperion at New Earth Music Hall

Tonight at New Earth Music Hall, there’s going to be a grand, free party for all of the EDM lovers out there. Tecropolis has put on fun in the past and this one is sure to prove no different. Did I mention that it’s going to be completely free? It’s really not going to be an event to miss.

The headliner, Hyperion, hails from Manchester, England and claims the title of Atlanta’s Queen of DnB. Grab a listen for yourself:

Also, a personal favorite, DJ Trogdor is appearing in SPNKBNK. So, it’s going to be fun no matter what.

The party’s 18+ and absolutely free. Doors @ 9PM. New Earth: 227 West Dougherty St. Athens, GA 30601. More info here.

Full Poster for the Event

Full Poster for the Event


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