You Better Work, Iggy Azalea

What happens if you take the superb Canadian soap Trailer Park Boys and add in a blonde diva grinding up and town the row houses? Well, you get the Xtina video from a few months ago. Now move that locale to Australia and swap out a diva fro a rapper. There, that’s more Iggy Azalea’s style.

As for the song? It’s good enough. The backing track might as well have been any other trap noise out there right now. The lyrical content about Azalea’s coming of age makes for some nice material. Of particular note is this fantastic turn:

Valley girls giving blowjobs for Louboutins
What you call that?
Head over heels

In all, the Dolce-clad Australian delivers a catchy, danceable track that’s sure to go over well at most parties for the next few months.


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