Don’t Stay in With the Cats: Happening This Weekend in Athens

This weekend is all about lots of farewells and lots of free ways to embarrass yourself—or, you know, show off a hidden talent. You’ve got singing, dancing, and burlesque to chose from. Just, please, choose wisely.

Thursday Night

Karaoke at Walker’s Coffee & Pub, 9 p.m., FREE

We’re not sure why, but Walker’s karaoke just might be the best karaoke.

Danger Muffin at The Melting Point, 8 p.m., $17 -$22

I know nothing about this band other than their name, but I think that’s enough.

Friday Night

Modern Skirts at 40 Watt Club, 8:30 p.m., $11-$13

A farewell show to ends all farewell shows. Though, they will be playing one last, definitely final time at this year’s AthFest, too. This will probably the the last time to see them in their full glory.

DJ Immuzikation at Cutters Pub, 10 p.m., FREE

While we’re unsure of how well seeing a DJ set in Cutters would go, Immuzikation is always a fun time.

Saturday Day and Night

A Big Gay Cookout at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 1 p.m., FREE

Sapphfire Athens is hosting a cookout. Need we say more?

Insurrection Ball at Go Bar, 10 p.m., FREE

Sirens of Sin and Beatmatched Hearts present a gaggle of cabaret performances and more fetish-y stuff.

WUOG’s Atomic Prom at Ciné Barcafé, 9 p.m., $3

It’s cold war themed and Cold War Kids will be playing. Also, Futo, Bear Girl, and Koko Beware will be there.


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