ABC Churns Out More Sitcom Filler


So, Second Becky moves in with Celia Hodes and the tall guy from that show you (hopefully) dislike. The premiere was packed full of hit-and-miss line, but there were so many that I managed to laugh a few times. The pacing stays frantic and the episode seems to wrap-up a little awkwardly/easily with a voice-over by Sarah Chalke’s Polly.

Sadly, Polly’s daughter isn’t as interesting as her equivalent on The New Normal, and Chalke herself seems to basically be playing Doctor Reid again. Brad Garrett? Well, every line has the over-the-top and forced nature that would have made his character fit right in on a 90s sitcom. On the plus (or negative if you don’t like it) side, Perkins plays Perkins and is always amusing.

The premiere certainly wasn’t bad. It was watchable and managed to turn out a 2.9/7 in the ratings—the show just felt like another middling sitcom stuffed around Modern Family as padding. Personally, I’ll stick with it to see if anyone develops. At the least, it puts Chalke and Perkins back on my screen.

Rating: 3/5


  • Elizabeth Perkins
  • Having recently watched my niece for my sister, the ‘how do children work?’ moments did make me giggle.
  • The scene with the smoothie bar made me make myself a smoothie.


  • The leads all basically play the characters their best known for.
  • All the characters aside from the principals are forgettable—even the child.
  • I feel like the writers had a list of tropes with check-boxes next to them. I mean, let me tell you, I’m a sucker for a car rolling down a hill gag!

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