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The Buffy Drinking Game

Drink any time one of the following things happen:

  • Someone says “vampire”
  • Anya references being a demon
  • A vampire gets staked
  • Angel looks angsty
  • Giles or Spike use British slang
  • A band plays at The Bronze
  • Giles polishes his glasses
  • A character on screen drinks
  • Dawn whines about something

I think I have my plans for this weekend.


3 thoughts on “The Buffy Drinking Game

  1. I some have additions!
    Drink if:
    -you hear the word “wiggins”
    -Buffy finishes someone else’s sentence
    -Buffy almost gives away her secret but catches herself just in time!
    -Willow wears a fuzzy shirt (seasons 1-3)
    -Willow wears an ankle-length skirt (seasons 4-7)
    -Xander smiles with his tongue between his teeth

    Bottoms up if:
    -Buffy does sexy shoulder dancing
    -you see any foreshadowing of Willow becoming a lesbian

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