All 13 Episodes of Netflix’s 3rd Original Series Now Available

Hemlock Grove

Following up their amazing House of Cards, Netflix is unleashing a supernatural murder-mystery genre-show Hemlock Grove starring Famke Janssen and lots of gratuitous nudity. Eli Roth directs this dark, guilty-pleasure (I’m assuming) show that you can binge watch from start to finish this weekend.

Here’s the series description from Netflix:

In the shadows of a rusted Pennsylvania steel town, the mangled body of a teenage girl is discovered. As they hunt for a monster among them, rumors mount and many of the eccentric residents become suspects, from the newly arrived gypsy family to the wealthy Godfrey clan. In the twisted world of Hemlock Grove, everyone hides a dark secret. From director Eli Roth (“Hostel”) comes a chilling supernatural series based on Brian McGreevy’s novel.

Watch all 13 episodes here.


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