What Is JASH? Why Do I Care?

JASH is a video channel that recently went up on the Youtube.

But Project Athens, I am so damn busy with all my watching kittens sneeze and pretending to be working at this temp job.

We know. We feel your pain. But JASH is awesome.

If you can’t watch that video or won’t because you are a petulant child with serious issues about authority figures, I will tell you it’s content. JASH is Tim and Eric (Tim and Eric), Reggie Watts (Comedy Bang! Bang!), Sarah Silverman (The Sarah Silverman Program) and Michael Cera (Your adolescence).

So that’s a lot of very awesome, very funny people. The videos are already getting good. For instance, when you give Reggie Watts a decent music video budget, this happens to your face:

So sit down and lose your Friday kids!

Walker Smith is a stand up comedy in Athens. He writes things at weird kids.net and shorter things on the tweet machine (@jokesmithe).

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