A Christmas List

Little gifts I’m grateful for receiving.

  1. Watching my niece watch Star Wars
  2. Getting Chinese food on Christmas Day and binging on bad and good TV with my parents.
  3. Teaching my niece about responsibility by getting her a laptop and setting up time limits and parental controls with only a little bit of a freak out on her part.
  4. Doing absolutely nothing today.
  5. Getting a very childish gift (Disney Infinity) and playing it with my niece and my sister.
  6. Knowing that I got everyone gifts they love but never would have bought themselves. (The wireless chargers for my stepdad were a big hit).
  7. My cat not getting put down for failing kidneys even though it was a close one. That’s him in 2013 in the pic at the top.
  8. Learning that Chinese spareribs are way better than I expected.
  9. Finally getting through Daredevil and Making a Murderer.
  10. Getting to see my little cousin we helped raise for the first few years of her life 8 years later.

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