Oops… Life Happens

I have some explaining to do. I meant to kick this blog back into gear when I announced that new series of posts a while back. 

Then, life started happening. My mother, who I help care for due to ongoing health issues, receivedl string of diagnosis which lead to even more tests and what has become an ongoing loop. 

Because of this, I have had to step back from all side projects not related to my primary employment. That includes this site. This is a decision I know I will not regret when I look back. But, given that I announced a new series of posts, I owed some explanation. 

I still plan on writing those along with a few others as time permits, but I’m not promising anything. 




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As a youthful bachelor, he lives off of white wine and avocados. He's also a freelance web developer. His addiction to pop culture is getting bad.

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