This Post Isn’t a Joke, Go Vote

Vote December 12th if you are in Alabama. Vote whenever is applicable to you wherever you are, otherwise.

It’s hard to tell sometimes what you should take seriously on this site. Drink recipes: yes. Politics: maybe.

This one is probably a definite in the “take seriously” column.

Turn out in mid-term elections is too low.

In fact, turn out in elections that take place outside of the normal two year or four-year cycle is even worse.

Related: I’ve been living in Montgomery for almost a year now. Roy Moore is a thing. You know the anger you felt when you saw a Trump yard sign? That need to veer off the road and take it out? I feel that x5 when. It comes to placards for Roy More.

The future is won and lost in these midterm elections. The 2010 elections we’re a wave that washed in the current political landscape. Next year may be a reversal, but elections happen all the time. So, get on it.

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