Security Flaws Show Grindr Still Isn’t Taking Gay Men’s Safety Seriously Enough

Grindr: Potentially Dangerous in a Brand New Way

Today’s news comes from Trevor Faden, the creator of C*ckblocked, a service designed to show Grindr users who had blocked them on the dating app. Users who connected their Grindr profiles to the third-party website unwittingly revealed far more than they’d intended, Faden said—including their exact location, even if they had opted out of location sharing within Grindr itself.

Any application or website that makes money off of ads is exchanging a service or luxury for your personal information. None of it is “free.” Even so, we should all at least know what exactly we’re giving up. In a community that is routinely hunted down and beaten, maybe ignoring user preferences on location is a bad thing?

Read more about this depressing situation on Slate.


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