Indie pop singer-songwriter Natti Vogel hopes his new video, “Brown Rice,” will encourage viewers to “empathize with some real, modern-day pitfalls” of queer life.

Natti Vogel's Brown Rice Poster

Vogel’s video is at equally steamy and melancholic. The musical short follows a gay man (Matthew Wilkas) who seems to have it all: a hot body, an active sex life, and a booming social media presence.

Far from the view of his followers on Instagram, however, Wilkas’ character struggles to fill an emotional void. He finds a fleeting oasis away from his depression through a night of drugs and casual sex with a stranger (adult film star Tegan Zayne). At the video’s conclusion, he locks eyes with Vogel in an empty Manhattan nightclub, and the two men share a moment of solidarity.

Much of the hype around this project was initially about Wilkas staring in the project. Wilkas, who was in many high profile projects like HBO’s Looking was recently been under a stronger spotlight as Gus Kenworthy’s beau.

Hopefully, that will only bring more eyes to this project—introducing many new listeners to the sounds of Natti Vogel.


Watch Brown Rice, Natti Vogel’s Musical Examination of a Gay Man’s Struggle

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