10 on the 10: Our Top Posts from the Last Month

April went by really fast. Our interviews are doing well, but the drama surrounding Blake M. Janssen was the big… winner? After a back and forth between the account being real and fake, it ends up that it’s fake.

Our Top 10 on the 10th

  1. Men of the Web: @blakeajgators?
  2. Trash: Our Interview with Michael Zakar and Zach Zakar, The Zakar Twins
  3. Dirty Martini: An Interview With the Men Behind Holland House Studios
  4. Our Interview with Rapper Big Dipper About His New Album, Sex, and More
  5. Vodka, Bacon, Naps: Our Interview With Amy Bernardino
  6. NSFW: The Tom Daley Naked Pictures Roundup
  7. The Big, Gay X-Men Book of My Dreams
  8. Shatterstar, True LGBT Representation in Deadpool 2? Maybe.
  9. Men of the Web: @spangy_cb
  10. I Can’t Afford Boomerang

That’s all for now. Next month things will be wild. Maybe.


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