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Daily Double: Colton Haynes Files for Divorce as Tom Daley Plans for an Anniversary Trip

Sometimes gay celebrity news is a little on the weaker side. Sometimes it gives you dueling headlines about similar-ish couples. The category is couples that have quite a bit of an age gap.

Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black’s Trip to Venice


DLB and Daley are celebrating their first year of marriage in style by heading out to the super romantic Venice for gondola rides and non-stop romance. The two are quite a bit apart in age, which raised a few eyebrows—but, they’re making it work.

Colton Haynes Files for divorce from Jeff Leatham.


Colton Haynes celebrated his half-i-versary with his husband of six months, celebrity florist Jeff Leatham by filing for divorce and posting cryptically about it on Instagram. Going so far as to take a turn as a country singer over the whole thing? The couple was also a bit apart in age—and, I guess they couldn’t pull it off.


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