Del Rio, Texas Elects Gay Air Force Veteran Known For Wearing High Heels


Down in a border town in Texas with a population that hovers around 41,000 people, something pretty great happened. Bruno “Ralphy” Lozano was elected their mayor with a whopping 62 percent of the vote.

That’s progress in and of itself, but it gets even better.  That’s because there was barely a mention of it when he wore high heels to march in the city’s Veteran’s Day parade last year. A single, lonely Facebook post from a political opponent attacked him.

“I’m not going to bow down. I am who I am. Accept me or not,” said the brand new mayor-elect.

And, at only 35, he even gets to lay claim to another town record as the youngest mayor in their town’s history. Not a small accomplishment in and of itself.

Below is a video of him moments before finding out his success in the election.


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