This is a bit late for the party, I know. Sadly, I live in America and didn’t get to illegally stream Eurovision this year. “Toy” by Neta (Hebrew: נטע ברזילי), is an infectious entry that’s difficult to not dance to.

The YouTube video has some translation in the subtitles, but much of the words are still nonsense. This really isn’t a problem, though, because the beat will get you every time.

One note, though, is that she uses a live looper to an amazing effect in her live performances, something that led to a mini-controversy because the rules say “no pre-recorded vocals.” The judges ruled that since the recording happens live on stage, it’s just fine.

Also, you can watch the last moments of Eurovision 2018 (BBC version w/ the Graham Norton voice-over) here:


Watch: “Toy” by Netta (נטע ברזילי), The Eurovision Song Contest 2018 Winner

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