Greek Orthodox Church: Gays Fostering Children in Need is Evil

Greek LGBTQ demonstrators outside of the Greek parliament building.

The Greek Orthodox Church is condemning same-sex foster parents, releasing a statement saying that the church “states its strong opposition to the choice of the State to deprive certain children of the right to grow up in a normal family environment, with father and mother role models.” Their statement went on, “unfortunately, ‘political correctness’ prevailed once again, against the natural order and the interests of children”

This comes after the Greek Parliament passed the bill with a 58 vote margin. LGBTQ groups in Greece celebrated the victory which is an awkward middle step. A gay couple has to become some sort of legal couple by signing a “cohabitation agreement.”

The Greek Orthodox church is kinda a big deal in Greece. Like, a really big deal, so this development will probably strengthen the indignation of social conservatives in the economically suffering European nation. The Orthodox Church would feel right at home in Oklahoma. But, who’s really thinking of the children now in that country’s foster system?

Photo from Nadine Violette on Facebook


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