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We are as dedicated as ever to delivering you all the great content we always have, but with a bit more style. We have a new logo, and a new little buddy as mascot to go along with it.

Name TBD

You may have noticed that we’ve been changing up the site over the last few weeks, and that was in preparation for a soft-relaunch of the site. We have the goal of getting you to more trending and related content so you can enjoy the site even more than you already do.

This all comes hot on the heels of us breaking our own records for site visitors, comments, interaction, and every other metric. Each week and each month, we are climbing higher and higher.

We couldn’t have done any of this without our readers. So, if you’re looking at this, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and stay tuned for more content from more contributors that will be sure to entertain and inform.

Thank You,
Andrew Schwegler
Founder and Editor-in-chief

P.S. We would be even more thrilled if you would drop us a donation on Patreon so we can continue to do this passion project forever.


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