Bisexual in Alabama

bisexual in alabama by hoary bat

People often ask me what it’s like being a part of the LGBTQ community in Alabama. This state’s background is definitely not the greatest. So it MUST be terrible when it comes to being LGBTQ.

It was hard coming out as bisexual when I was in 6th grade. I went to a Catholic school and the teachers and students gave me a hard time. 7th grade I went to a magnet school hoping maybe they would be more accepting. I was wrong. I was bullied, tripped and had rocks thrown at me. From there I ended up going back to a Catholic school from 8th to the beginning of my 12th-grade year. That school was the absolute worst. Bullying was terrible and girls were so uncomfortable even though I found none of them remotely attractive. I ended up withdrawing from that school due to someone bullying me and telling me to take my own life. The school I went to afterward and ended up graduating from was so accepting. I was so loved and felt accepted. It was the first time a school had really accepted me for not only being bisexual but for just being me. I always had a group of accepting and LGBTQ friends. Hell, pretty much all of my friends are LGBTQ. No matter what I’m still judged but it’ll happen anywhere I go. I’m just glad it isn’t as bad anymore.

In Alabama, gay marriage has been legal since 2015. Changing gender is legal, but requires surgery. Gay people in the military is legal. Age of consent is equal. Adoption is single only. There is no protection against (housing or employment) discrimination. Donating blood is banned if a man has had sex, even once, with another man. Conversion therapy is not banned and is legal in Alabama.


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