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“Days Of Our Lives” Weekly Recap: A Little Prick


Welcome to our weekly recap of Days Of Our Lives, the story of three gay men, a special guest manwhore, and the inconsequential straight people who bug the shit out of them (and us).

Once again, the guys were only on two episodes this week (most of the time was spent on Ben/Ciara’s Sweet Hostage storyline, and Theresa pretending not to notice hot shirtless J.J.), but we did get a huge step forward in Will regaining his memories of … spitting at mirrors … being EJ’s “pretty little intern” … declaring stuff …


Knocking up Gabi … falling for Sonny … playing Scrabble with grandma … snogging Kris Kristofferson’s son …


But I digress …

Will and Paul are still in bed after a leisurely morning of bingeing Queer Eye (And awing at Antoni opening a can of Chef Boyardee) and reciting love poems to each other’s nipples.

“I Think That I Shall Never See A Poem As Lovely As Your Teat”

A knock on the door interrupts their bliss, and when Will gets up to answer, we get the crushing sight of … ugly ass boxer shorts. Look, i’m not asking for a mesh thong, but some nice boxer briefs or even tighty-whities would be less “I borrowed these from my dad.”


Naturally it’s Sonny at the door, and he pretends not to be uncomfortable, as Paul pretends not to be so freaking tired that Sonny is constantly interrupting their lives.



Will and Sonny start talking about Hot Mess Gabi and how they need to start saving money NOW for Ari’s future therapy bills (or bail), and Paul realizes that Boner Time with Will is officially over. He exits the bed and … GODDAMIT!


Paul steps into the shower to give the guys time to talk, and Will and Sonny discuss Leo and the upcoming trial, and Sonny tells him he may need him to testify on his behalf. Will agrees, and gives Sonny an inspiring pep talk that gives Sonny all the feels.

But there are more feels to be had when Will tells him that the hospital has concocted Dr. Rolf’s serum, and he’s ready to take the next step in regaining his memories.

Sonny is elated, and he and Will … share a moment.



Paul is … less elated, and seeing Will and Sonny together brings his insecurities back to the surface (but let’s face it, they’ve never been all that hidden).

“Will, it’s time to head to our dinner for TWO on our bicycle built for TWO and then to the COUPLES ONLY dance. Sorry, Sonny.”

Sonny leaves, and Will once again tries to convince Paul that even if he gets his memories back, it won’t affect their relationship (poor deprived Will, never having seen a soap opera in his life).

Will and Paul head to the hospital, where Kayla has the finished serum, which bears an uncanny resemblance to Mountain Dew Baja Blast (though obviously not as poisonous). He asks Marlena to give him the shot, and she balks, trying to convince him to think about the possible consequences some more. He tells her “I’m going to do this with or without you.”

“Boy, i will not hesitate to summon Pazuzu on your ass”

Faced with the prospect of not being a part of this storyline, Marlena relents, and injects Will with the serum.

From Scrabble to shooting up together. Salem in a nutshell.

Meanwhile, we see Sweet and Sour Sonny around town. He runs into J.J. and tells him about Will and the serum, beaming with premature jubilation, and then meets up with Adrienne at the mansion.


At first he’s upset that she didn’t tell him she knew about Will deciding to take the serum, but she explains that she didn’t want to get his hopes up. But it’s too late, as Sonny is now convinced that once Will remembers their life together, he will run back into his arms.

Before Sonny can entirely melt into a puddle of nostalgia goo, he also has a run in with Xander, who has cleaned out the mansion safe before he departs (and can someone explain to me why the BACK of the secret mirror is wallpapered?)


He and Xander briefly tussle over Xander’s saggy bag, which HAS to be a fanfic line somewhere, which rips open to reveal a couple of stacks of safe cash. Xander says “whatevs” and leaves, promising that he now has enough dirt on the family to bring them down.


Elsewhere in Salem … with Xander now wearing suits, J.J. has taken over the gratuitous shirtless role. I approve this new ongoing plot device. In fact, every week a new guy should spend the week inexplicably barechested. And kudos to the show for actually opening with a blatant crotch shot. Get right to the point.






Congratulations to Sloan, who correctly identified last week’s tush as Spencer Neville (everyone’s favorite bellhop Derrick).

Here’s this week’s quiz. Name that Muscle God.


See you next week!



2 thoughts on ““Days Of Our Lives” Weekly Recap: A Little Prick

  1. Quiz answer is Brant Daugherty. And thanks,snicks, for these always entertaing DOOL recaps. You watch the show so we don’t have to!

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