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“Days Of Our Lives” Weekly Recap: Misty Sepia-Colored Memories

Welcome to our weekly recap of Days Of Our Lives, the story of three gay men, a special guest manwhore, and the inconsequential straight people who bug the shit out of them (and us).

This week brought us closer to Will regaining his memories of  … hanging with Tad … listening to Sami and Rafe banging in the next room (seriously, that apartment was tiny) … hating Brent and his endless collection of Fruit Stripe Bubble Gum shirts  …



But I digress …

Sonny was in a particular mood this week, that will go probably down as his McKayla Maroney period.



Things get off to an awkward start, as Sonny knocks on Will’s door only to find Paul instead (because texting someone to see if they’re going to be home is frowned upon in this town).

Paul tells Sonny that Will went to the hospital hoping to get more of Dr. Rolf’s Mango Memory Juice (now with electrolytes!) , because he’s had no luck recovering any memories so far. Sonny tells him he must be relieved that Will is not going to remember #WilSon, and Paul rightfully tells him to go to hell.

Actually, Paul is his usual “keep the rage bottled deep inside” self, and tells him that he’ll support Will no matter what, because he knows their love is strong enough to overcome any memories, even this.


But actually, Sonny does have something to talk to Paul about. He wants him to use his detective skills to dig up dirt on Leo. Paul agrees, which is a great idea, but can i give a word of advice? Ditch John.

At the hospital, Will gets some devastating news when Kayla tells him he can’t get any more of the serum. The hospital board has decided to discontinue use after a batch accidentally fell into the town’s water supply, and residents began having strange and terrifying hallucinatory flashbacks.




Will is crushed, but Kayla is adamant. He returns home and is comforted by Paul (to Sonny’s chagrin), and when Paul leaves to start investigating Leo, Sonny asks for his help in combating the nasty press about the lawsuit. How? He wants Will to write an article with Sonny’s side of the story. This will end well.

Will immediately starts the article, which is all text, and no visuals. How can he be taken seriously as a writer if he doesn’t use a single gif? Anyway, they have a sweet conversation about their mutual admiration, and the combination of Sonny saying “I’m good. Thanks”, the fact that they’re sitting on the same bed, and a whiff of Sonny’s Paco Rabanne triggers … A MEMORY!


It’s hazy, and only lasts a split second, but when Sonny thanks him for his help and gives him a hug …


The full flashback clip is played, in all of its sepia glory.

This filter will also be used in the upcoming reboot of Murphy Brown

Will is ecstatic, but wary. Considering that his first memory is of Sonny. he decides not to tell Paul, which leads to the awesomely ridiculous scene of Will in bed with Paul, having  a sepia flashback of the scene in which he had a sepia flashback.



Convinced that he just needs one more dose of the serum to bring everything back, he begs Marlena to help him snare the last bottle. She refuses, and just like last week, he gives his grandma sass back. Boy, you’re cruising ..

“I still have that bar of soap from the last time you raised your voice to me”

Undeterred by Marlena and Kayla, Will decides to take matters into his own hands. He leaves a note for Paul … wait. He leaves a note for Paul? Yes, because this is 1992. The next time we see him, he’s getting on the hospital elevator with the serum in his hand.



Hold on! Did we miss a scene? How in the hell did he manage that? Was it just sitting on the nurse’s desk? Is Kayla so preoccupied she left her office unlocked? Did Derrick The Orderly/Med Student help him?

Meanwhile, Sonny is still stewing, but BFF Chad has come to cheer him up, and discuss this sexual harassment thing. Because if there’s one thing Chad knows, it’s personal boundaries.




Titan is on the ropes, and is in desperate need of a new leader to help them out of this quagmire. Luckily, BFF Chad has a great idea … he should be named new CEO. He makes his case to Victor – basically that he’s only doing this to bring down Stefan and actually is not interested in Titan – and Victor agrees.

Which would never in a million years happen. But there you go.

Here’s where things get … convoluted. Chad visits Kate and tells her that he’s the new head of Titan and Kate … OH DEAD GOD WHAT IN THE NAME OF HELEN KELLER IS KATE WEARING THIS WEEK?

She looks like she was jogging through Minneapolis and Paisley Park exploded on her.

“Yes, it is I, Kate Roberts, who wore the raspberry beret. The kind you find in a second-hand store.”

Kate tells him “You can’t accept that job at Titan,” and starts ranting about loyalty, and how Titan is going under because of the lawsuit, so why bother? Chad tells her that this is the best way to bring Stefan down, and besides, this lawsuit is bogus, and Leo will soon be exposed as a fraud, along with “whoever he was working with.”

That’s when Kate … AHHH! MY EYES! MY EYES!

This is what it LOOKS like when the doves cry … tears of vomit.

Kate drops the bombshell that Leo is actually working for her, and she tells Chad about Vivian’s plan and how she took it over and intends to see it through.

Chad is aghast, and outraged that she would do this to Sonny, who used to be married to her grandson. He immediately tells her he’s going to spill the beans to his BFF, but Kate begs him to look at the big picture.

She’s not doing this to hurt Sonny, but to destroy Stefan for what he did to Kate, Chad, and especially Abigail. This is their one chance to eliminate him for good, and having Chad heading Titan is the way to do it! So … a minute ago she was vehemently against him taking the job, and now she’s waving his father’s ring in his face, and telling him that Stefan would do it … and so would Stefano.


Chad asks “What about my BFF Sonny?” and Kate promises to make the lawsuit disappear. All Chad has to do is take the ring and put it on his finger and “become the man you were always meant to be.” Chad gets a call from Sonny and hits … IGNORE. Bitch.

Elsewhere in Salem …

J.J. had a very hostile shower.


Ciara continues to fall for Hot Psycho Ben, and it’s good to know that even when you’re locked up in the looney bin and getting electroshock and leech therapy, you still have time for Crossfit.


And finally, the best part of this week’s episodes. In fact, it may be my favorite moment of the year so far, a moment that filled me with appreciation for the world.

Gabi was finally released from prison! No, that’s not the moment. The moment occurred when she got back home and surprised Ari. I’ll let Ari take it from here …




Those Horton genes are really starting to kick in. I hope they keep her bitter and resentful.


Congratulations to John A, who correctly identified Brant Daugherty (who is looking a little different these days).


Here’s this week’s quiz.  Can you name this man in peril?


See you next week!





6 thoughts on ““Days Of Our Lives” Weekly Recap: Misty Sepia-Colored Memories

  1. As always, I greatly appreciate your comments! I haven’t caught up yet with last week’s episodes, so I don’t have anything to add yet…

  2. I wanna say it’s John Paul Lavoisier, but his nips look a little too small (not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

  3. I was bored so I watched even the non gay episodes of this week and my god it makes no sense. I literally shake my head and think HTF did this win an Emmy for best soap??

    That being said, I do like that Chad is still being handsy with Sonny, it nice that the actors remember that, though Sonny should be aware that Chad has screwed him over already once with the cafe/bar/coffee/whatever it became. But Whatevs.

    As you stated we could have had a good episode of Will stealing the serum. Sneaking in, hiding, almost getting caught, lying bout why he is there and getting away with it. Could have been comically, but this soap doesn’t do comedy, except when a prayer circle fails and the baby dies. The baby is dead right? Dr. Rolo isn’t hiding in the morgue to add another to his zombie army?

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