#BB20 Running to Day 30. Starting Week 4.

Days 19 to 30?

How do I quickly recap the last week plus of #BB20? OK.

  1. Scotty won HOH AND Veto. Nommed the Bros (Brett and whoever the other one was)
  2. Kaitlyn got upset during the veto because Brett mocked her fake psychic abilities.
  3. Kaitlyn kept talking about how Tyler would do whatever she wants.
  4. Tyler gathered the votes to keep Brett because the correctly saw that the other guy was the type to float right on into the final 6.
  5. Brett targeted Rockstar to fuck with Kaitlyn's head.
  6. Do I still have no clue which girl is Rachel and which one is Angela?

That about does it. Oh. The HOH comp was the wall hang and I'm very disappointed in JC that he didn't win.


Hold you bat boy! Feel your bat boy!

Just real quick, before we get into the meat of recent times in the BB house, can we talk about how JC looks like Bat Boy under the night vision lights?


Brett decided to tease a hinky vote from Rockstar to sew distrust between her and Kaitlyn? This maybe wasn't the best idea. I was playing Zelda, so I missed the pan situation with Rockstar v. Brett on the feeds today, but I'll assume it went as follows.

Level 5

Level 5 has been born!

"This is t the day that Level 6 died, this is the day that level 5 was born."

And with those words, I turned off the feeds for the night.

Why? I guess I can't get behind Level 6-1 because I'm hoping so so hard for Tyler to break off with an alliance with JC, Kaycee, and a few others.

Who fucking knows. What we do know is that no one is going home this week! Sam is HOH and her own power nullifies this week's HOH.

The Power

HOH: Sam


Noms: TBD

Have-Nots: Tyler, Brett, Angela, ???

Tyler, Bayleigh, and Sam both hold powers from the BB App Store.




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