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“Days Of Our Lives” Weekly Recap: The Thirst Is Real

Welcome to our weekly recap of Days Of Our Lives, the story of three gay men and the inconsequential straight people who bug the shit out of them (and us).

After last week’s circus of madness, capped off with Will finally getting his memories back, this week’s WilSon scenes can be summed up with one screencap.


Will and Sonny continue their trip down memory lane at Doug’s Place.

SIDEBAR – Doug’s Place seems to replacing THAT PARK as the go-to for revelations and stunts, which is fine with me. At least it’s colorful and there’s a chance for a random bartender hottie sighting.

Will realizes he remembers everything about his life with Sonny. The good …


The bad …


And the foreplay.


Sonny is ecstatic. Maybe a bit … too ecstatic? Look, i realize this is a dream come true for Sonny, and a huge earthshaking event after the Leo debacle, but can he bring it down just a notch? He looks like he’s auditioning for Reefer Madness.


The thirst is real.

Sonny is ready to head to the altar again (i hear there’s one nearby that suddenly became free), but Will comes down to earth and reminds him that as great as all this is, he has to think about how this will affect Paul.


Sonny says “WHO?”

Okay, Sonny doesn’t actually say Who?, but I swear it seems like he wants to, and it would have been hilarious if he had.

Will heads back to the wedding where Paul informs him what happened while he was gone, and frankly, Paul does a piss poor job of explaining things, leaving Will aggravated and confused. Paul does many things well, but getting to the point may not be one.


After learning that Sami shot Marlena, Will rushes to the hospital, reuniting with his mother … just before Sami is carted off to the police station (And i’m sure “Sami is carted off to the police station” memories occupy an entire wing of Will’s brain)

Sami hugs him, begging him to believe that she would not have shot Marlena intentionally. Will flashes back to his own wedding and Sami’s loving tribute to his strength and resolve, and the memory of her words and the searing image of her Bump-It are enough for him to declare his full support to her.


Marlena needs to be rushed to surgery, but first … there’s time for a pit stop in the middle of the ER so everyone can pay their respects and have long drawn out conversations. Hey, let’s get a bucket of chicken and throw a sheet on grandma and have a picnic!

When it’s Will’s turn, he tells her she has to make it, because he remembers now. HE remembers her! Making it about himself … I see those dormant Sami genes have been reawakened.


After Marlena is wheeled off, Will needs a moment and retreats into the dark waiting room, where he’s interrupted by Father Hottie … I mean Eric. I don’t know the last time Will and Eric actually had a conversation, but it was nice seeing the two of them reconnect. Capture14

Really nice.


Now MY thirst is real.


Eric learns that Will has regained his memories, and Will tells him that it’s difficult to reconcile his feelings for Paul and his newly rediscovered feelings for Sonny. Eric tells him the first thing he needs to do is tell Paul, and that becomes easier when Paul walks into the waiting room.

Unfortunately, “Telling Paul” has suddenly become the show’s “let’s drag this out as annoyingly long as possible” story, and Will is once again stopped from telling Paul the truth when Jennifer interrupts and inquires about Brady. Paul runs off to investigate, while Will continues to wander the hospital, this time witnessing a couple and their newborn. This triggers another memory for Will – THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF HIS LIFE. The day he finally got to say goodbye to Sonny’s fugliest shirt.


Meanwhile, Sonny is trying to keep it together back at the mansion. Which isn’t easy with Susan squawking about how happy she is that Will has a hunka burning love like Paul to keep him warm and safe. Sonny tries to keep his composure, but it’s difficult when you have to converse with Sarah Huckabee Sanders one year after she leaves the White House.


Luckily, Susan retreats to her cubbyhole under the stairs and Will arrives to talk to Sonny. It doesn’t start out well, with Will telling him that while he does love Sonny, he also loves Paul, and he’s just not ready to make any decisions about his future. Sonny tries to make a case for taking him back, but Will says he can’t discuss it any further right now.

He tries to leave, but Ari walks in, and everything changes. Will remembers his love for his daughter, and his love for his daughter and Sonny together. He tells Ari “Daddy got his memory back”


Ari responds “Bitch, you owe me years of birthday and Christmas presents.”


Will has an epiphany and realizes that his place is with Ari and Sonny. They are the family he’s always wanted and needed, and “I’m going to have to break Paul’s heart.”

Sonny finds this acceptable.


While the rug is secretly being pulled out from under him, Paul is busy trying to track down Brady. He goes to Brady’s hotel room to find Sami exiting the bathroom (someone stole the six pack she hid behind the commode of the police station crapper the last time she was there, and she figured Brady had an extra one).


Sami convinces him not to turn her in (she had knocked out Rafe and escaped the police station, of course), and the two of them pool their resources to track Brady down. They find him with Eve and Kristen (who had tried to blackmail Brady into sex, of course).

Kristen has had enough, and decides to kill Sami once and for all. As she’s about to pull the trigger, Paul tackles her and the two of them tumble out the window, leaving a stunned Sami, Eve and Brady behind.

Capture28 (2)


Elsewhere in Salem ..

Hope and Rafe returned from their swinger’s weekend at Plato’s Retreat.


SPOILERS! Next week will see Paul cling to life, and Brady not happy when he overhears Will declare his love for Sonny. See you next week!












8 thoughts on ““Days Of Our Lives” Weekly Recap: The Thirst Is Real

  1. Wait a minute! Will was married to Paul. Paul was at the altar with Sonny when Will comes back to life. Will now loves Paul. Wouldn’t the solution be for all three of them to marry each other? There! Everything is happy! Feck the laws about monogamy!

  2. Thanks, Snicks. Can’t they just have a three-ple? (What would the hashtag be: Horitakis?). And yes, you had the perfect reaction upon seeing Father What-A-Waste: “The thirst is real.”

  3. Men about to boink their insane ex-girlfriends aren’t allowed to pass judgment on men who’ve realized they need to dump their half-brother.

  4. While Chandler gave those scenes 110% and you can empathize with his angst, the Sonny’s pushiness was just so off-putting and to have Ari be the deciding factor was just so wrong! Wake up, Will. Don’t let nostalgia ruin the love you have in the here and now.

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