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“Days Of Our Lives” Weekly Recap: Paul Who?

Welcome to our weekly recap of Days Of Our Lives, the story of a gay supercouple and the third wheel they both once loved but now treat like crap.

(Gritting my teeth to get through this week’s episodes).

So … we pick up where we left off, with Paul and Kristen tumbling out the third story window. Eve, Brady and Sami rush down to find that Kristen has disappeared, but Paul’s body is broken and bloody on the ground.


Eve and Brady are horrified and upset with worry about Paul.  Sami … just wants to know where Kristen went. Because Sami.

She takes off to her find her while Eve calls for an ambulance and Brady tries to comfort his little bro.

Meanwhile, Will and Sonny are chillin on the Kiriakis couch, reminiscing about their previous life together, i.e. … Will’s writing “skillz” … SONNY’S EUROPEAN ADVENTURE … and hey, remember how Leo’s life ended just inches away from where we’re sitting?


Their pre-cum bliss is interrupted by the nagging thought of Paul, and how they both hate to hurt him … AGAIN. But Will decides to take the bull by the horns and call him up RIGHT NOW to end it. Then they can lock the doors and ruin another of Maggie’s rugs.

Unfortunately there will be no trip to Walgreen’s for Emergency Lube, as Brady answers Paul’s phone and informs Will that he’s in the hospital fighting for his life.

Will heads to the hospital, but when Paul is wheeled into surgery, Will calls Sonny with an update, and incurs Brady’s wrath when he ends the call with “I love you too Sonny.”


Brady asks him what the hell is going on, and Will tries to explain that during the wedding he got his memories back, and he remembered his love for Sonny, and … he’s decided that he wants to try to be a family with Sonny and Ari again.

Brady has a way of cutting through bullshit (that is not his own) and bluntly tells Will “So that means you’ve decided to throw Paul away like a piece of trash?”

Will looks shellshocked, and tries to explain that he still loves Paul, but … it’s Sonny … and he’s Will .. and together they’re #WILSON, and it’s like fate or something!

BRADY GOES OFF, dropping truth bombs right and left.


“Sonny used him when he thought that you were dead, but you know what he did the minute he realized you were alive? HE dumped Paul. He literally left their wedding to go looking for you, Will. You’re doing the same damn thing. You know what Paul is? Paul is a placeholder for you, for when you got your memory back. You don’t seem to give a damn about Paul. You and Sonny want what you want, and you don’t care about anybody else.”


After changing his drawers, Will wanders the hospital, coming across his dad. He tells Lucas he got his memory back, and the two share a moment and a conversation about what to do about the Sonny/Paul situation. I’m really not sure ANYONE in this town should take advice from ANYONE else in this town.


He also meets up with Sonny and tells him “We won’t know the extent of the neurological damage until he wakes up”.  Sonny responds “I’m so sorry. When can we bone?”

Okay, Sonny doesn’t actually say that, but you know he’s jonesing.


Paul finally wakes up, and Will is there by his bedside. Paul tries to banter, but he can tell immediately that something is going on with Will.

Will tells him that he got his memory back, and he tried to “break it” to him earlier, but he didn’t have a chance with all the chaos that erupted.

Paul says “People usually don’t ‘break’ good news, so there must be more to it. You remember loving Sonny now, don’t you?”

Will says “Yes, I remember my life with Sonny. I remember how much I loved him.” Paul responds “So what does that mean for us?”




We finally meet up with Kate again, who is still brandishing a gun! It’s just pointed at Stefan, though, and we learn that she did not kill Ted, she was just biding her time until Stefan’s goons could arrive and cart him away to … wherever the DiMera’s keep their prisoners. An island? A medieval dungeon? Catacombs under the Dairy Queen?

As far as this week goes …. UGH.

I know that WilSon is and always will be Endgame, but they are not NOT casting Will and Sonny in any kind of favorable light here. There is absolutely no reason that Will has to break this news to Paul right now, as Paul is trying to recover from almost dying.

Will is coming off callous, and Sonny is coming off desperate, and that’s not something anyone wants in a soap supercouple.


self explanatory


See you next week!






3 thoughts on ““Days Of Our Lives” Weekly Recap: Paul Who?

  1. Look at #WilSon on that bench like two highschoolers staging a kiss. I can’t deal with these two numbnuts anymore! And they used to be such a great couple. That is, before Sonny got seduced by the devil (Victor) and donuts, and Will obviously suffered irreversible brain damage from dying and undying for the poor choices he is making. (But Chandler looks damn good in a simple white shirt! Too bad it’s back to basic… plaid next week.)

  2. Thanks, Snicks. God, this show. When FUBAR Brady Black is the voice of reason, you know that Salem is going to hell in a hand basket. And, seriously, Will? Don’t you remember how bored you were by your marriage to Sonny? You were hooking up with randoms in L.A. six months after taking your vows. Whatever.

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