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5 Things: Casey Wilson’s Zillow Account, Glenn Close’s Missing Oscar, Homophobia’s Kenyan Cost, Rami’s Bi Erasure, and a UK TV Star’s Coming Out

2. Was Glenn Close robbed of yet another Oscar?

Instinct shares an editorial on how Glenn Close still doesn’t have an Oscar after all these years. I mean, is that really even possible?

Glenn won every single major award going into Sunday night. Olivia won at the Golden Globes but that was for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Comedy or Musical. This was Glenn’s year. There have been several years prior to this where it was her year (Fatal AttractionDangerous Liaisons), but I truly thought she would win this as her work in the film was beyond superb and kept me glued from the first moment she appeared on screen.

Ryan Shea for Instinct Magazine

Read more over at Instinct.

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