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5 Things: Casey Wilson’s Zillow Account, Glenn Close’s Missing Oscar, Homophobia’s Kenyan Cost, Rami’s Bi Erasure, and a UK TV Star’s Coming Out

5. Ryan Sampson comes out in a simple and direct manner after a troll tried to bait him into a homophobic fight.

“Hi y’all. So. I was on Instagram and I looked at my direct messages and it turned out someone was trying to rope me in to some (pretty creaky) homophobic banter. Huh! So, for clarity, here’s a pic of me and the boyf. Just to, y’know… straighten that one out. As it were. ” — Ryan Sampson

English actor Ryan Sampson from the ITV2 series Plebs came out publicly on Twitter by introducing his boyfriend to the world at large after homophobic trolls tried to bait him into saying something terrible.

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