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United Methodist Church rejects policy amendment that would allow congregations to openly accept LGBT clergy and same-sex marriage.

Methodists matching in DC Pride

In a move that surprised me not one bit, the United Methodist Church rejected measures at their yearly conference to become more LGBT inclusive.

Delegates from the country’s second-largest Protestant denomination voted Tuesday in a conference against easing its ban on LGBTQ clergy members and same-sex marriages, reports the Associated Press.

Daniel Reynolds for the Advocate

The report continues, and reveals that the vote was actually closer than I expected, showing that a faction of the United Methodists were actually in favor of the measure. Will this create a schism? Who knows!

A 449-374 vote defeated a proposal that would have allowed regional and local congregations to enact their own policies regarding these issues. Two separate LGBTQ-affirming efforts were also rejected Monday.

Daniel Reynolds for the Advocate

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