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Georgia Vs. Westeros

While Conan was in Atlanta last week, it seems that he and his staff noticed how odd the names of Georgian politicians tend to be. So odd that they can be confused with Game of Thrones characters, maybe? Advertisements


Quick Guide to the Supreme Court Justices

Although the March session of  Supreme Court oral arguments has ended and the April session will likely receive less media attention because none of the cases they’re hearing are as high-profile as Hollingsworth V. Perry (California’s Prop. 8) or United States V. Windsor (DOMA), it’s important to be informed about the most important members of the […]


The Flaming Lip$ha Album

If this news had come out three days earlier, I would have sworn this was a joke. During his Reddit AMA yesterday, Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips announced that his band will be releasing an album with Our Lady of Glitter, Ke$ha. It will be called Lip$ha. That’s also not a joke. I was pretty thrilled […]

Carly Rae Jepsen via

It’s Never A Good Time

Well, this happened. Carly Rae Jepson put out a single with Owl City. Remember Owl City? They’re that crossover Christian band who rips off the Postal Service and thinks it’s weird to hate goodbyes. The song is called “Good Time” and it’s aggressively optimistic. I can’t say I’m having a very good time listening to […]


Liz Lemoning in Your 20s

Those of us who love 30 Rock can’t believe the low ratings that it and its other critically acclaimed NBC Thursday night shows pull. Everyone we know watches, and everyone relates to Liz Lemon. What we forget is that we’re not everyone. It’s probably even a good thing that we aren’t. Liz Lemon is for […]