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Ross and Rocky Lynch Play Never Have I Ever

  Quick Hits Both have had sex on the tour bus with the other on the bus. Both have had public sex. Ross hooked up with his brother’s ex. Had sex in the same room. Both had threesomes. About The Driver Era From Fandom The Driver Era is an American musical duo that originates from Littleton, […]

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Mulled for the Gods

Mulling wine for the good of Thanksgiving was the best idea I’ve had in a while. Here’s a very precise recipe that I used. Sorry for the lack of real pics… but you can imagine, right?

If not, you can imagine it looks a little like this minus the star anise because it’s my least favorite spice of all time—I mean, who really needs a spice that tastes vaguely of licorice and/or fennel? 😠

I paired the picture of mulling wine with one of my sister passed out after consuming most of said wine. Recipe after the jump.

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17.5 Million Beers

How else could UGA spend 35 Million? On 17.5 million beers from Copper Creek on “2 Dollar Tuesday”. That’s enough to buy each and every undergrad 687 beers—or, as we like to refer to it, just enough to forget how terrible Michael F. Adams is/was.