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Men of the Web: We chat with @ughankk About Leaked Nudes, Loving Yourself, and the Law

Hank is an amazing guy all around. The trite US Weekly-sequel terming the he has beauty AND brains might even apply as he’s equal parts a lover of pop culture and a future lawyer. Check out the interview below, then make sure to give him a follow on Twitter and Instagram.


We Chat with Ian Jacob, Creator of RetroSex, about Love, Loss, Side Boobs, and Inspiration

“I was at a loss for a way to connect sex to emotion, to connect my body to my brain, and I was fascinated by the sort of muscle memories my body possessed in relation to both the relationship (ie, a sense of arousal when a guy wearing his cologne walked by) and the assault (ie, discomfort being around gay men in bars). So I wrote these lines about this physical sort of retrospect, and that became RetroSex.”