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Bullet-points are sexy.

Seeking Nominations for All of the Best Bars in Athens


We’re compiling a list of the best bars in Athens. Nominate your favorites by commenting below. We’ll take your nominations and publish the polls and reviews later on. We’re accepting nominations for the following categories: Best Venue, Best Drinks, Best Beer, Best FoodMost Fun, and Best Atmosphere.

So, sound off below and look out for our reviews and your chance to vote.

The Buffy Drinking Game

Buffy Cast

Drink any time one of the following things happen:

  • Someone says “vampire”
  • Anya references being a demon
  • A vampire gets staked
  • Angel looks angsty
  • Giles or Spike use British slang
  • A band plays at The Bronze
  • Giles polishes his glasses
  • A character on screen drinks
  • Dawn whines about something

I think I have my plans for this weekend.

10 Things Banned by the Bible

I never knew Leviticus disallowed so many things. Here’s a sample:
  1. Burning any yeast or honey in offerings to God (2:11)
  2. Failing to include salt in offerings to God (2:13)
  3. Eating fat (3:17)
  4. Eating blood (3:17)
  5. Failing to testify against any wrongdoing you’ve witnessed (5:1)
  6. Failing to testify against any wrongdoing you’ve been told about (5:1)
  7. Touching an unclean animal (5:2)
  8. Carelessly making an oath (5:4)
  9. Deceiving a neighbour about something trusted to them (6:2)
  10. Finding lost property and lying about it (6:3)

The full list of 75.

Even more at “Banned by the Bible” on Tumblr.

5 Athens DJs You Can’t Miss


5. Mahagony

First up is DJ Mahagony, an old-school dance party DJ that used to frequent the hallowed grounds of 283. You can still catch him all around town spinning “some of the fun booty jams from the past (Shake Your Booty by KC & The Sunshine Band) to the fun booty jams of today (The Wobble by V.I.C.).”

Next Event: DJ Mahogany’s Thirtysomething Birthday Bash @ Little Kings!
Find out more about him on Facebook, and keep an eye out for his name in your favorite events section.


DJRX does amazing things that blur the lines of VJ and DJ. If you have never been to one of his shows, you’ve definitely been missing out. My only possible complaint might be that the video mixing is so good, it’s sometimes hard to choose between watching that magic on the screen and making the magic on the dance floor.

Find out more about him on Facebook, Twitter, and his own site.

3. Immuzikation

Immuzikation is a mash-up artist extraordinaire. Though, don’t let that reputation fool you—he’s one of the most fun DJs in town and can play a full set that will keeps you going all night long.

Find out more about him on SoundCloud and his own site

2. Trogdor

Trogdor is not easily classified because his influences are all over the place—in a good way. From melt-your-face dubstep to momentous DnB, he has you covered. As one of the people working hard to keep New Earth the great space it is, keep an eye out for “Trogdor” to appear on one of their posters for an EDM event. If you see that, it’s a can’t miss show.

Find out more about him on Facebook, and SoundCloud.

1. Feral Youth

Let’s take a moment to appreciate how Feral Youth manages to take the temp of a room and hit all the right notes with the perfect blend of genres that keeps the party going well into the night. I’ve heard him play at events ranging from a small farewell-Athens house party to his frequent gig commanding the dance parties at Manor, and he always seems to make the right choices for the right people. In fact, the only problem is that Manor is mostly terrible and convincing people to go there for Feral Youth is difficult.

Find out more about him on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, and his own site.

Honorable Mention: Hyperion

While she’s technically Atlanta-based, Hyperion is amazing and semi-frequently makes it out to Athens and prove to all of the Athenians why she is Atlanta’s Queen of DnB.

Find out more about her on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud.

Mainpage photo “EDM” By Dylan O’Dowd on Flickr.

A Guide to Hangovers

"The Hangover" (Portrait of Suzanne ...
“The Hangover” (Portrait of Suzanne Valadon)

The best approach to ridding yourself of a hangover is certainly to not get one. You can accomplish this with a few pro-tips:

  1. Eat healthy foods before you begin drinking.
  2. Do the usual dance of alternating drinks with water. Order a water with every drink and don’t get another drink until the water is gone.
  3. Before you go to bed, take a time-release B-Complex supplement.

If you forgot to do those things, you might wake up feeling rough. It’s cool, though, because I have you covered on this end of the hangover too.

  1. As soon as you can eat something, eat something.
  2. Take your favorite pain reliever cocktail. I prefer Advil Cold and Sinus, because my main problem is that my allergies have decided to attack my now-dried up sinus cavities.
  3. Remember those time release B vitamins? Take them again right now.
  4. Drink a ton of water. Coconut water is nice, too.
  5. Speaking of water, you smell terrible. I would suggest you take a shower.
  6. Get your intestines situated by either eating some yogurt, drinking some kombucha, or taking some pro-biotic supplements.
  7. Memories will start to come back of the previous night. You’ll want to take care of this by drinking a little bit more booze. My favorite hangover drink is the classic Bloody Mary. It really helps easing the withdrawal symptoms you’re forcing your body through since you forgot to take it slow last night.
  8. By this point, you’ve probably been awake for 2-3 hours. Take a nap, you sort-of deserve it.
  9. Hopefully, the food, probiotics, and time have helped. This will lead to the final phase of any hangover: Hangover Poop. It’s the worst smelling poop—but, it marks the end of your body’s fight to rid itself of all that poison you shoved in it.

If you still have a hangover, only time will heal it. Place a trashcan next to your bed, open your laptop to Netflix, and cancel all of your appointments.

Happy drinking!

5 Ways to Eat Cheap/Free in Athens Georgia

Photo by Mr. T in DC on Flickr
Photo by Mr. T in DC on Flickr

5. Don’t Underestimate a Taco Stand Burrito (Under $5.00)

Yes, the prices keep going up, but it’s still a great thing that you can get a bean burrito and a PBR for the few bucks of change you found in your pocket. Might I suggest springing a little extra and trying the regular tofu burrito with hot sauce? This cheap place has the second-best tofu in Athens and it’s a mystery about how it tastes so damn good.

4. Student Discounts (Cheap)

So many restaurants around town (and beyond) will cut a little off the top for you if you show them that student ID. CiCi’s might be the best, as they often use terrible cashiers who can’t seem to hit the discount button only once.

3. Dumpster Diving (Free)

Fact: Dunkin Donuts and Panera throw away tons baked goods at the end of business every day. Also, it’s all bagged separate from the other refuse. Other places to check are grand stashes of produce and other interesting groceries behind independent/smaller grocery stores. Also, remember to always follow the rules.

2. Moe’s 2 Dollar Tuesday ($2.00)

Yes, Chipotle is better. Yes, Willy’s has better meat. Moe’s, however, has 2 dollar burritos on the second Tuesday of every month. You can even buy up to five (word to the wise, if you’re going to buy 5, make the ones you plan on keeping in the fridge for a while without sour cream). Remember that certain condiments cost extra—but, the salsa bar is always free.

UPDATED March 22 @ 2:30PM: It has come to our attention that Moe’s no longer does this. As such, we would suggest eating a terrible pizza from Little Caesars ($5) and buying cheesy bread during “happy hour*” ($2). Sad times, Moe’s.  Sad times.

1. Desperate Student Organizations (Free)

Maybe you have the UGA Master Calendar bookmarked. Maybe you already smile and nod your way through each terrible Young Dems meeting for the free pizza. That’s good and all, but check out the meetings for organizations that sound terrible but also say they’ll provide food. Russian Student Union? Check! UGAnime? Put on a funny hat and CHECK! One thing to keep in mind with this one is that you might actually meet some interesting new people in your quest for free food.

Bonus: Free Popcorn for Drunk People

Flicker Bar and Manhattan Cafe both provide tasty popcorn with tasty toppings to all patrons that purchase a drink. So, grab either a Jackie O or a Blueberry Vodka Lemonade and pile on the nutritional yeast.

Those are our idea. What are your top ways to eat on the cheap in Athens? Sound off in the comments below.

*Nothing is happy when you eat pizza from Little Caesar’s 

(Terrible) Ideas for the Weekend

[Terrible] Ideas for the Weekend:

  • Let’s watch all of fun.’s covers on Youtube.
  • Let’s all go out with bartenders who call everyone “honey,” and “love.”
  • Let’s go shopping for our friend’s wedding gift, even though she didn’t invite us to her shower last weekend. That’s not rude, right? Right!
  • Let’s drive around Sandy Springs looking for a bar that a guy I know works at. No, I don’t know the name. I’m just hoping that I’ll find it, walk in, and the rest will fall (rise) into place (“place”).
  • Let’s pretend that wasn’t a repeat of #2.
  • Let’s stare at our bank accounts until our eyes hurt while saying, “Why don’t I have more money? How can I get more money?” and crying. The crying will make our eyes hurt worse, though, so just be aware of that.
  • Let’s go to and pick out cute dresses to buy for when said bartender finally asks you out/friend’s wedding/bartender accompanies you to friend’s wedding.
  • Let’s pretend that’s not related to why you don’t have more money saved.
  • Let’s sit in traffic!
  • Let’s find out what’s new with those Kardashians!
  • Let’s look for apartments and/or houses and be sad when we realize that it’ll take almost 1 1/2 paychecks to cover our share of the rent.
  • Let’s eat all the ice cream. (Not terrible. We really should do that one.)

Oh, shoot, it’s Father’s Day this weekend, so we can’t do any of that. Next time, for sure, okay? Great, I’ll call you.