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Drag Star Willam Q&A

Still, don’t let the stunts distract you from the handsome metrics Willam generates. He has the most-viewed YouTube channel (69 million) among the 89 Drag Race competitors, and he’s the second-most followed Drag Race contestant on Twitter (160,000 followers) after fourth-season winner Sharon Needles (181,000).

Drag Star Willam Q&A: ‘Stunt Queen’ Talks Onstage Enemas, Pop Parodies & New Album | Billboard.

Sky Ferreira interviews Daft Punk?

Making this album was difficult and challenging in an exciting way, but that is the nature of these empirical musical experimentations. We tried to do some things we had never done in a studio. We wanted to learn techniques we did not know. We did not want to take the easy route. But somehow, the difficult parts of the entire creative process are what made the journey really worth it.

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