Tucker “The Tuck” Carlson Is and Always Has Been a Cunt

He liked to crack wise like a frat boy who’s a bit too drunk and thinks he can match wits with Trey Parker and Matt Stone in 2006. He’s the sort of conservative who just doesn’t understand why gamergate was such a big deal. The kind of feckless cunt that deserves to be shot on by Jim Cornette.

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Countdown to Now Apocalypse, Coming 10 March 2019 to Starz: Meet Carly

Carly is a thoroughly modern, 21st-century woman. Wannabe actress/Carney’s waitress Carly is Ulysses’ pragmatic, quick-witted, social-media-savvy best friend, who is a little too cool for the room. Stuck in a dead-end relationship with her self-absorbed boyfriend, Jethro, Carly assuages her sexual boredom by logging onto LiveCamGrrrls.com for kicks. She also makes some extra cash slipping on various sexual personae for her horny clients before ultimately getting bored with that too.

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5 Things: Casey Wilson’s Zillow Account, Glenn Close’s Missing Oscar, Homophobia’s Kenyan Cost, Rami’s Bi Erasure, and a UK TV Star’s Coming Out

OK, today was a bit rough. But, Casey Wilson was on WWHL, so I’m there. Recapping the news of the day. 1. Casey Wilson really wants Tom from Vanderpump Rules to know that she DID NOT post his address online. Listen, Bitch Sesh is the best show about Bravo reality out there. Hands down. But… […]