Tucker “The Tuck” Carlson Is and Always Has Been a Cunt

He liked to crack wise like a frat boy who’s a bit too drunk and thinks he can match wits with Trey Parker and Matt Stone in 2006. He’s the sort of conservative who just doesn’t understand why gamergate was such a big deal. The kind of feckless cunt that deserves to be shot on by Jim Cornette.


6 Examples Why Selecting a SCOTUS Is An Important Battle To Fight

When the United States, was founded, our Founding Fathers, determined and believed, there was a need, for a tripartite, system of government, with a balance of power, between the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government. Perhaps this is one of the reasons: there is so much attention, presently, being paid to filling the vacancy, presently occurring on the United States Supreme Court.

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A Safer Option for Same Sex Divorce

Same-sex marriage was legalized in New Jersey in October of 2013. The US Supreme Court gave it nationwide status in June of 2015. Prior to those dates Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships were the only way for a same-sex couple to enter into a marriage like legal agreement. After becoming a legal option for gay and lesbian couples in New Jersey, almost three thousand same-sex couples exercised their right to marry in the first six months of legalization.