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Poll your pollster, it’s already time for 2016.

It’s Black and White Or Let’s Not Mention It

April 27th saw the culmination of a month-long political battle of words. More importantly, the day also marked the successful execution of a plan devised by four students at a Wilcox County high school. Wilcox County, located in southern Georgia, has a high school with two proms. One prom is for white students. One prom is for black students.

Read More It’s Black and White Or Let’s Not Mention It by Greyson Clark for GPR.

I’m a feminist, and I liked the Onion’s story about Chris Brown beating Rihanna.

The anti-Onion reactions basically amount to: hide it, don’t mention it, keep it away from our delicate sensibilities. That’s the opposite of what comedy is designed to do. In fact, this item brings more attention to domestic violence that 100 earnest blog posts on the same subject ever could.

— Hanna Rosen for  Slate Magazine.