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Get it before it gets out.

Free Speech on Private Networks


I joined Twitter in 2007. I come in with a Twitter ID below the 1 millionth user mark (678,213 to be precise). This doesn’t make me any better or worse at using the platform. In fact, I haven’t changed how I use it at all in the last decade (a reason why I don’t have much of a following). I still post whatever drivel comes to mind, like this picture my niece drew. Poorly thought jokes about politics or whatever in on my TV at the moment or (because I love cliches) what I’m currently eating fill my feed. Twitter, however, has changed around me.

The introduced native linking to other profiles via the “@” sign. They introduce native retweeting so that we no longer had to wrap them with “RT @_____ ‘’.” Hashtag linking. Discussion threads. Native photo uploading. Native search. GIF searching and posting. Character limit increases throughout. All of these things layered on to the simple idea of microblogging.

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Cutting The Cord: Step One

roku-3-580x288For the month of May I, Andrew Schwegler, will be living life without a cable connection. Entertainment I consume will only be accessed on my laptop, tablet, and set-top box. In this introductory article, I’ll cover what tools and tricks I plan on using to make life livable for this 24 year old media-addict without cable or satellite. Continue reading Cutting The Cord: Step One

All 13 Episodes of Netflix’s 3rd Original Series Now Available

Hemlock Grove

Following up their amazing House of Cards, Netflix is unleashing a supernatural murder-mystery genre-show Hemlock Grove starring Famke Janssen and lots of gratuitous nudity. Eli Roth directs this dark, guilty-pleasure (I’m assuming) show that you can binge watch from start to finish this weekend. Continue reading All 13 Episodes of Netflix’s 3rd Original Series Now Available