MacWorld and CES

If you’re into technology and what not. You might be aware of the massive trade shows going on right now in San Francisco  and Las Vegas. SF is hosting a new Macworld Expo and Vegas is home to the annual CES. If you haven’t been following them… you probably should. They’re where new stuff happens. The links above are to Google News searches with all the goodies from each show. It’s a start.

Resolving the Year

New Year’s Resolutions are usually vapid and mostly go incomplete and forgotten about a week or two into the brand new year. I suggest a new system to rely upon for you “resolutions” this year. Make a list of things you should do to improve the quality of your life during the next year. Don’t make them vague or un-doable. Simply make a list of things to accomplish. Revise this list throughout the year; add new items as you go and mark through the things you feel you’ve actually accomplished.

Keep the list on you as part of your pocket journal or hipster-PDA to remind you everyday of what you hope to create and do in this brand new year.

For a small example, here’s mine:

  • Learn Python and/or PHP
  • Slow Down
  • Go to more parties
  • Read more
  • Spend less time doing nothing
  • Create more
  • Start meditating again
  • Finish what I start

From Schwegler and Friends