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The Cucumber Caipiroska: Perfect Summer Party Cocktail

Every spring and summer ins Athens, I would always head to Highwire Lounge for their signature cocktails. My favorite of which was the Cucumber Caipiroska. This recipe isn’t exactly the same, but it’s pretty great. The only thing missing is the smell of the booths make from unfinished wood.

Took this picture, in Highwire, on a Palm Pre. The drink closest to me is mine. It is almost definitely a cucumber caipiroska. 


  • 1 Cup caster sugar
  • 1 Cup lime juice
  • 3 Stalks of prepared lemongrass
  • 4 Cucumbers, peeled and deseeded
  • ⅔ Cup white vodka
  • 3 Cups soda water
  • Thinly sliced cucumber
  • Lime wedges

To Do

  1. Make a lime/lemongrass simple syrup. Place the sugar, lime juice and lemongrass in a saucepan over low heat and cook, stirring, until the sugar is dissolved. Increase heat to high and bring to the boil for 2 minutes or until thickened slightly. You can do this in the microwave if you’re careful with it.
  2. Serve it up. Allow to cool completely. Strain. Place the cucumber, white rum and lemongrass syrup in a blender and process until smooth. Pass through a sieve into a 1.5 litre-capacity jug.
  3. Finish it off. Add the soda water, extra cucumber and ice and stir to combine. Squeeze in extra lime, if desired. You can do this park all together or per cup, depending on how fizzy you like it or quickly it’s being drank.

Makes 1.25 litres (5 cups)

Athens Pub Crawl: Highwire Lounge

Highwire's Superb Mint Julep, via Highwire's Facebook Page
Highwire’s Superb Mint Julep, via Highwire’s Facebook Page

I’m going to go ahead and preface this entire run-down with the confession that Highwire is my favourite bar in Athens, Georgia. Why? The mixologists on staff are some of the best around and have access to amazing small-batch liquors along with superbly fresh ingredients.

Highwire has an extensive menu with drinks ranging from $4 cucumber caprioskas that will invigorate you with their freshness to pricey seasonal cocktails that are worth every penny. Each drink item is describes perfectly and sorted by liquor-type. So, as long as you take your time and know your tastes, you can’t go wrong.

If there’s a classic drink that isn’t on the menu, don’t hesitate to ask anyone behind the bar for it anyway. Chances are that they know how to make it and will be more than willing. This is how I discovered that I love the French 75 they make—it’s simply fantastic.

Check out one of the summer cocktails they have going on right now:

Modern English

  • silver tequila
  • blackberries
  • sage
  • lime
  • sugar cane syrup

Wino Tip:
The drinks here are mighty tasty—but, they aren’t going to treat your wallet that nicely. I would recommend starting off here early in the evening for a drink or two before heading to a different location for the long-haul.

Athens Pub Crawl: Lit

Lit is a bar in Athens that boasts having something like 500 different flavors of long island iced tea. Lit is a bar that charged me a $2.00 cover (first bad sign) for what was apparently a “wet bikini contest” that I didn’t know was happening.

I stayed in Lit for about 3 minutes. Let me describe these three minutes to you.

  1. I walk in the door and head to the bar.
  2. On my way to the bar, I notice that what appeared to be a group of middle school boys were sitting on a bench across from the stage.
  3. I then look around and see that this bar contains about 15 people, a DJ, 2 bar tenders, and 2 door men.
  4. No one was dancing. This was probably a good thing.
  5. No one was dancing because they were waiting for a bikini contest to start.
  6. 5 of the least appealing girls I could possibly imagine then get on stage and begin to grind on each other.
  7. My friends and I then glance over the menu of drink “specials” to see that they charge about over 5 dollars* for well drinks that are smaller than average.
  8. We leave as fast as we possibly can.

Wino Tips:

  1. Don’t go to Lit.
  2. I went to Allgood later that night. Try a Mandarin Absolut and Seltzer there, it’s quite tasty and rather cheap.

*For those of you in larger cities where this seems like a good deal, it isn’t. That’s about how much decent, regular drinks cost at most bars.

Athens Pub Crawl: The Capital Room

Over the next few weeks, we’ll take you on a journey through the bars of Athens, GA. Join us while we share our unfiltered opinions and greatest tips for obtaining booze in this lovely college town.

First up is The Capital Room. This bar is slightly out of the way at its location in the Georgian Hotel (247 East Washington St.). The perks of this are that the bar is usually not that crowded and the clientele don’t really fit into any specific social categories.

One thing to keep in mind about this bar is that they serve food. They have a full menu available until around 11pm most nights. This is important because it means that the Capital Room joins Taco Stand, The Globe, Trapeze, and Walker’s as a possible place to go out to on a Sunday night because of Georgia’s lovely blue laws.

The specials tend to be rather good—though, there are some strange time restrictions for a majority of them. $3 specialty cocktails and $2 martinis on Mondays are a nice highlight. $1 Taco Tuesdays are also quite grand. You can check out the full list of specials after the jump.

Because of the location, the bar has some nice architectural flourishes. Though, you probably won’t be able to notice them since the lights get lowered to a remarkably dim level at a certain point in the night. Though, I can get past the lighting because this bar is comfortable, low-key, and not very loud.

This bar is definitely worth checking out. I would suggest giving the specials a glance before you head there so you can get the time-restricted specials since they’re the bigger discounts.

Happy Hour – Every Mon – Fri 4pm to 7pm

$1.50 Champagne

$1.50 Domestic Bottles

$3 House Wines

$3 Well Drinks

$3 drafts

$1 off everything else!

Adult Swim! -Every Thurs-Fri-Sat – 10pm to 11pm

$1.50 Well Drinks

$1.50 Domestic Bottles

$2 Wines

$2.50 Gran Marnier!!!!

$2.50 Cazadores Tequila!!!

Mondays– All Day

$3 Specialty Cocktails

$2 Well Martinis

Bottomless Spinach Dip


2.50 Drafts 10pm – 2am

Taco Tuesdays! $1 pulled pork tacos 7pm – 10pm

Wednesdays – All day

Four Or More

Half off your entire food bill for any table of four or more (with alcohol purchase)

$2.00 Well drinks from 10pm – 2am!

Thursday – Ladies Night!

$2.00 Specialty Martinisfor ladies

Ice cold Yuengling on tap only $2 for everyone!

Sunday Brunch 11:30am – 3pm

Bloody Mary Bar

Gruet Champagne Mimosas

15 Draft Beers all for $3

$2.50 Grand Marnier All Day!