Watch Avan Jogia and Tyler Posey Jack Off Separately Before They Do It Together in an Alley

If you pause the trailer at just the right moment, you can see Tyler Posey and Aven Jogia enter the bone zone in the upcoming show Now Apocalypse. But, if we take a trip down memory lane, we’ll find that most of this cast had had masturbation tapes leak onto the net.


Countdown to Now Apocalypse, Coming 10 March 2019 to Starz: Meet Ford

Ford is a guileless dreamer. Aspiring screenwriter Ford has been Ulysses’ roommate/best bud since college, and he convinced Uly to move with him to LA. Unself-consciously hot, Ford is boy-next-door sweet, to the point of being comically naive. He is also so sensitive that he is frequently moved to tears, especially when it comes to his relationship with the beautiful and elusive Severine, a firm believer in the benefits of non-monogamy.