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Men of the Web: We chat with @ughankk About Leaked Nudes, Loving Yourself, and the Law

Hank is an amazing guy all around. The trite US Weekly-sequel terming the he has beauty AND brains might even apply as he’s equal parts a lover of pop culture and a future lawyer. Check out the interview below, then make sure to give him a follow on Twitter and Instagram.

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The Q-Men: Anole

Hey you. Yes, you. Were you an awkward teenager around the time that Grant Morrison took the X-Men back to school? ME TOO! Do YOU have one arm that’s disproportionately jacked thanks to too much jacking off? ME TOO! Do you have a crush on the fictional mutant/elf/man/Canadian Northstar? Well, he sort of looks like Jonsí—so. probably. With all that, it ends up we have a lot in common with the Young X-Man, Anole.

Let’s dive into this character and look specifically at the groundbreaking issue of Amazing X-Men where he goes on a blind date with Noam.

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