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Free Speech on Private Networks


I joined Twitter in 2007. I come in with a Twitter ID below the 1 millionth user mark (678,213 to be precise). This doesn’t make me any better or worse at using the platform. In fact, I haven’t changed how I use it at all in the last decade (a reason why I don’t have much of a following). I still post whatever drivel comes to mind, like this picture my niece drew. Poorly thought jokes about politics or whatever in on my TV at the moment or (because I love cliches) what I’m currently eating fill my feed. Twitter, however, has changed around me.

The introduced native linking to other profiles via the “@” sign. They introduce native retweeting so that we no longer had to wrap them with “RT @_____ ‘’.” Hashtag linking. Discussion threads. Native photo uploading. Native search. GIF searching and posting. Character limit increases throughout. All of these things layered on to the simple idea of microblogging.

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Thursday Event Picks: SheHeHe at Max and Scottish Dancing

SheHeHe, Max, 10 PM, FREE

SeeHeHe is Jeff Hannan, Noelle Shuck, Jason Fusco, and Nicole Bechill. SheHeHe is also a fantastically fun time. They describe themselves as “new American jet rock”, and there probably isn’t a better description out there for the energetic, punk-inspired music they make. If you’re a fan of The Ramones, The Stooges, or The Runaways you shouldn’t miss SheHeHe tonight at Max.

Mother the Car, Hot Dolphin, and Sex BBQ will also be playing. Find out more about the event on FaceBook.

Also Happening

Scottish Country Dance Classes at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Athens, 7 PM., $3

Learn how to dance like the ancestors of Craig Ferguson for the low, low price of three dollars. They’ll be showing you how to do jigs, reels and strathspeys! So, if you know what any of those things mean, you know where to find them.


A Social Network of 5

Google Plus has allowed me realize the moderate dreams I had of using Path. I credit the redesigned app for this. Do a bunch of random people I vaguely met once comment on my posts? Nope. Is there a strange core group that keeps it an interesting place to take in content and opinions? Yep.

Yet, Google Plus has proved more interesting than Path. I follow many brands and news sites in a Twitter-like fashion. I push a chunk of my posts to the public at large. I can also, however, drill down and only see interesting posts filtered by relation or topic.

Is Google+ a ghost town in comparison to Facebook or Twitter? Yep. Have they managed to continually drive me to interact with people on this site because of the much better signal to noise ratio? Hell yes.

I will admit that this is probably not how Google envisioned G+. They probably thought it was going to go head-to-head with Facebook. It ended up being a strange mix that resembles a media-rich early version of Twitter. The geeks are there. A small cohort of interesting people interact with me there. I like it there.

Some G+ Follow Picks

Here’s a nice group of relatively active, quality Google Plussers to follow. Add them to a circle and enjoy the flowing content.

*A contributor to the very blog you are reading.

My Comatose Social Contingency Plan

A post by Parker recently inspired me to create an action-items list for my social media accounts if I were to become suddenly incapacitated for an extended period of time. So, internet friends, here is what I want to happen if I am incapacitated and my name is printed somewhere that would inspire Google searches.

  1. Lock down my twitter account.
    Make it private. No need to delete my inane posts about stupid things like Smash drinking games, GOP debate drinking games, and awkward party drinking games—just, make them a little less easy to find.
  2. Delete my main Tumblog and redirect that URL to some charity site.
    There are enough links back to my blog to do some good—just not any good for my comatose ass’s reputation.Side note: the #1 post on my blog is a copy and pate job I did in 2008 from the Facebook list of birthdays. Thanks vanity searches!
  3. Point journalists to my LinkedIn and G+ accounts. Those are leastembarrassing.
    Or, point them to my Path account. Basically, I get in trouble when I interact with people. Human interaction brings out the worst in me. These internet waste-lands are either blather about music I listen to and overly filtered photos or blather about the news/TV and comments from Nicki and Ahmaud*.
  4. Go nuclear with my Facebook account.
    I recently reset my Facebook account and it’s already an embarrassing cesspool of Youtube videos and awkward exchanges I thought would be funny at the time.** We would all be better off without Facebook—I just need it to plan trips and events.

*Whenever I read his full name, I get that Mr. Templeton song from 30 Rock stuck in my head.

**Note to self: it’s never funny a week later.

Bing It Bing It Bing It Bing It

With everyone freaking out about Google’s new privacy policy, I wonder if everyone will take Eleanor Waldorf’s lead and start using Bing? It’s doubtful since Bing pilfers through your Facebook data in ways that would make Google+ blush. The only search engine that seems to be up on privacy is DuckDuck Go. Though, you’re probably wondering what that is as you read this post.

P.S. Remember that time Jenny Humphrey Binged cancer? That was nice.