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5 Things: Tomi Lahren Is Still a Bitch, Tunisia Is Still Terrible, Methodist Church Is Still Banning Gays, Sir Ian McKellen Is Still Spilling Tea, and HBO Is Still on Track for New Gay Drama

The world is burning (quite literally in many places) but people still find the time to attack the gays. But, the last two items are at least a little uplifting.


Here and Now: NSFW Masterpiece

HBO’s Here and Now focuses on The Bayer-Boatwrights of Portland, Or. They’re a multicultural family whose lives swirl together into a deeply dark dramedy about a modern family living in America. Alan Ball (Six Feet Under, American Beauty). seems to have delivered another creation filled with NSFW exploits here. The first season consists of ten episodes premiered on HBO on […]

Tech Television

Cutting The Cord: Step One

For the month of May I, Andrew Schwegler, will be living life without a cable connection. Entertainment I consume will only be accessed on my laptop, tablet, and set-top box. In this introductory article, I’ll cover what tools and tricks I plan on using to make life livable for this 24 year old media-addict without […]