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Flashback: Everyone is Entitled to Their Stupid Stupid Opinion

The following article by Walker Smith originally appeared on Wierd Kids Comedy. The year was 2013 and times were simpler. But, some things remain the same. 

I get a little tired of everyone some times. Most times is what I mean by some.

Like I said recently, I like people. But they are exhausting. Sometimes my exhaustion sounds like hate. Yesterday was a big day for people to be exhausting on the Internet. In honor of the oral arguments in favor of gay marriage (feel free to giggle briefly here), a lot of people including most of my friends changed their facebook profile pictures to equal signs. This, in and of itself, wasn’t annoying. I mean, it was, but only to the degree that I couldn’t always tell who was talking to me. I could tell if they like the gays though, so that was helpful. Also there was, as there always is with Internet activism, a solid self-love component. LOOK AT ME I AM A VERY GOOD PERSON. But it wasn’t that bad, and I got the sense that most people understood that what they were doing was just  communicating their support and that more than likely they weren’t going to fix anything. I didn’t get as annoyed by it as I have of other “movements” like the Kony 2012 deal. Continue reading Flashback: Everyone is Entitled to Their Stupid Stupid Opinion

Gays of Our Lives, Back in Full Swing

American soap operas are miles behind their brutish counterparts. More than a single gay couple on a show at a time? Insanity!

But, a much as I’ve loved watching the dramas of Ste and Harry on Hollyoaks now that it’s on Hulu, it will never have the same place in my heart occupied by Days of Our Lives. Continue reading Gays of Our Lives, Back in Full Swing