We Took Ourselves Way Too Fucking Serious, Didn’t We?

Remember that lost importance the next time a former friend drones on about their Roth IRA or their kinky sex club and remember that you aren’t alone in knowing—deep down—that you used to be a fucking idiot.


Oops… Life Happens

I have some explaining to do. I meant to kick this blog back into gear when I announced that new series of posts a while back.  Then, life started happening. My mother, who I help care for due to ongoing health issues, receivedl string of diagnosis which lead to even more tests and what has […]


A Christmas List

Little gifts I’m grateful for receiving. Watching my niece watch Star Wars Getting Chinese food on Christmas Day and binging on bad and good TV with my parents. Teaching my niece about responsibility by getting her a laptop and setting up time limits and parental controls with only a little bit of a freak out […]