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Drag Star Willam Q&A

Still, don’t let the stunts distract you from the handsome metrics Willam generates. He has the most-viewed YouTube channel (69 million) among the 89 Drag Race competitors, and he’s the second-most followed Drag Race contestant on Twitter (160,000 followers) after fourth-season winner Sharon Needles (181,000).

Drag Star Willam Q&A: ‘Stunt Queen’ Talks Onstage Enemas, Pop Parodies & New Album | Billboard.

What Is JASH? Why Do I Care?

JASH is a video channel that recently went up on the Youtube.

But Project Athens, I am so damn busy with all my watching kittens sneeze and pretending to be working at this temp job.

We know. We feel your pain. But JASH is awesome.

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Thursday Event Picks: SheHeHe at Max and Scottish Dancing

SheHeHe, Max, 10 PM, FREE

SeeHeHe is Jeff Hannan, Noelle Shuck, Jason Fusco, and Nicole Bechill. SheHeHe is also a fantastically fun time. They describe themselves as “new American jet rock”, and there probably isn’t a better description out there for the energetic, punk-inspired music they make. If you’re a fan of The Ramones, The Stooges, or The Runaways you shouldn’t miss SheHeHe tonight at Max.

Mother the Car, Hot Dolphin, and Sex BBQ will also be playing. Find out more about the event on FaceBook.

Also Happening

Scottish Country Dance Classes at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Athens, 7 PM., $3

Learn how to dance like the ancestors of Craig Ferguson for the low, low price of three dollars. They’ll be showing you how to do jigs, reels and strathspeys! So, if you know what any of those things mean, you know where to find them.


The Flaming Lip$ha Album


If this news had come out three days earlier, I would have sworn this was a joke. During his Reddit AMA yesterday, Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips announced that his band will be releasing an album with Our Lady of Glitter, Ke$ha. It will be called Lip$ha. That’s also not a joke.

I was pretty thrilled by this news until I listened to their collab from last year, called “2012 (You Must Be Upgraded).” Between The Flaming Lips and Ke$ha, there’s so much drug-addled potential that shouldn’t be wasted on such abrasive music that’s not particularly enjoyable to me as a fan of either artist. That said, judge for yourself.

[via Spin]